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Caltex 5's Golf

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2017 Caltex 5 Registration Form

2017 Caltex 5 Membership Form 

Caltex 5's Golf

Proudly sponsored by McNabb Caltex


Exciting new Daylight Savings Teams Competition format.

*   Will be teams of 5 in a STROKE format.

*   Best 4 NET scores are added to determine aggregate team score. Lowest team score wins.

*   1 score per player added in team aggregate score.

*   Penalty, any team with less than four scores has 45 added to aggregate score.

*   There will be 2 Competitions

1st Starting Monday 9th October 2017 to Sunday 17th December

*   Divisions will be in teams of 8 and a promotion/regulation system will be in place

*   $10 Registration Fee per person per competition

*   Playing fees to remain the same: $10 - Full members $20 - Social members 

*   Best Scores in each division each week will win Fuel Vouchers, amount depending on players

*   A facebook page will be set up for the Caltex 5's for all updates, scores, information etc.