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Club Fitting

Upcoming Brand Specific Club Fitting Days



What is club fitting?

So you want to be custom fitted for new golf clubs? Well, it’s about time. Getting a custom fit set of golf clubs can make a huge difference in your golf game. A good portion of errant shots can be attributed to that set of clubs you bought off the shelf. Golf clubs that are not properly sized to your body and swing types can often lead to miss-hits, slices, hooks, duffs, or worse. Each part of the golf club, from the grip down to the toe position, can adversely affect your golf shots. 



Proper club length is no small thing. Using an improper length club makes it difficult for you to hit the Sweet Zone consistently, resulting in a loss of distance and accuracy. Think about the last time you purchased a suit the Taylor took all your measurements to make sure the final product fitted to your size. 



The lie angle of your clubs is the angle between the ground and the shaft when your club sits flat on the turf. If your lie angle is off, so are your shots. If it’s too flat you’ll generally hit shots to the right of your intended target. If it’s too upright, you’ll generally hit shots to the left.  




Finding the proper shaft and flex for your swing is crucial for longer, more consistent shots. A    shaft that is too stiff or too flexible for your part swing will result in a loss of distance and/or accuracy.  



Determining the proper grip size and type for your clubs is an important and often overlooked part of the custom fitting process. The grip size and type influences the feel, distance and control that a player experiences with the club.  If the standard grip size is correct, the middle two fingertips will barely touch the heel position of the hand. If the fingertips are separated from the heel portion of the hand, the grip is too large. If the fingertips are digging into the heel of the palm, the grip is too small. 



Bounce angle

The bounce angle is a very important part of the more lofted clubs in your bag such as PW, GW, SW and LW the incorrect bounce can result a very heavy divot or no divot at all. Gapping the wedges with the right combination of lofts is a part of this process.Wedge fitting is just as important as the irons or woods it will complete the family of clubs in your bag.   



The loft of a golf club is directly related to how high and how far a golf shot can go. The longer the golf club, the lower the angle of loft, the lower the golf balls trajectory and the farther the golf balls flight. The shorter the golf club, the higher the loft angle, the higher the golf balls trajectory and the shorter the golf balls flight. The purpose in selecting a different loft for your club(s) would be to help correct a tendency to hit consistently lower trajectory or higher trajectory shots than would be normal.

There is no substitution for proper club fitting by a trained golf professional. Golf club manufacturers have done extensive research and development in custom fitting. Contact the Riverina Golf Academy for a custom fit. We can ensure that you are getting the right clubs for your game.


Full Set Fitting Session (1 1/2 hours) - $75.00
Individual Club Fitting Session (1 hour) - $55.00
Fitting fee is fully redeemed from purchase price.