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Membership Information


Fees from 1st March 2019

Fees are for 12 Months Membership


Gold Membership

Golfing Membership



Country Member (Under 60 kls)

Country Member (Over 200 kls)



Weekend Member

Weekday Member



Student Member


Introductory Member

Summer Member

Social Member




Junior Member



Download Gold Membership Form

Download Golfing Membership Form

Download Country Membership Form

Download Weekend Membership Form

Download Weekday Membership Form

Download Student Membership Form

Download Introductory Membership Form

Download Summer Membership Form

Download Junior Membership Form

Download Monthly Direct Debit Form



Gold Membership:

$1,200 - Pay no Green Fees for any competition or social play. If you play at least 60 or more  Competition Games in a year you will benefit from this Membership package. Upfront payment only

Golfing Membership:

$500 - Current golfing membership paying green fees.

Country Member:

$450 - Under 60 kls paying Green Fees

Country Member:

$100 - Outside 200 kls of Griffith, only entitled to play 6 games at Griffith

Weekend Member:

$350 - Play only weekend competition - Cannot win Major club competitions

Weekday Member:

$300 - Play only Midweek competition - Cannot win Major club competitions

Student Member: 

$250 - Aged 18 to 22 can play member competitions

Introductory Member:

$250 - First year membership only

Summer Member:

$120 - October to March Only - Play club Summer Competition only

Junior Member:

FREE - Free to all under 18 years of age


Monthly Payments:
A monthly payment facility is available with your membership, except for new Gold Memberships.

Contact the club for details if you wish to use this option for your membership payment.

Pro Rata Rates:
Membership fees begin from 1st March each year and end 28th February each year.
Pro rata rates are available from 1st March each year and are calculated daily.